Dining at the Old City Inn

The only food that the Old City Inn provides is a complimentary breakfast. This is available in the Rooftop Restaurant on floor five. The Rooftop Restaurant has 360 degree views of the Old City, Baku city and the Caspian Sea beyond. There are an incredible variety of cafés and restaurants within a very easy walking distance and our staff will be pleased to recommend one of these to you. 



Eating out in Baku

No visit to Baku or indeed the Old City would be complete without visiting the Caravanserais Restaurant.

The most unique and historical,  caravanserais are considered as pearls, and are still preserved in Old City. One of them is Bukhara caravanserai. According to research, this historical monument was built in the 15th century by merchants who came from Central Asia to Baku. As merchants from the Eastern countries were in the need for temporary shelters, so they used to have rest in this great caravanserai.  The name of the building was taken from then capital of Uzbekistan, Bukhara. The Caravanserai walls are decorated with the pictures from ancient Azerbaijani, carpets, kilims, decorations, pictures depicting Baku.